Collect Basic Gaming Information Before Playing A PUBG

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In other words, the last man standing (or group ) are the winner of the match. You can do it by killing everyone and everything in sight, or by sneaking your way into the late game and taking out only what you deem necessary. There are a few unique methods to perform PUBG.

It is possible to go into the game as a solo, duo, or up to some four-player squad. You could also solo queue into duos or squads if you’d like to test your own unique abilities in a harder setting. Additionally, there are special game modes, like WAR — a game type very similar to team deathmatch — along with special games that PUBG changes up from time to time.

Every game begins with approximately 100 players at a plane which flies in a straight line across the map. The players are accountable for where they fall out of the plane, eventually having to pull their parachute to float to their landing location.

Once players land, they will start the looting stage of the game where they try to gear up with gear so as to endure the remainder of the game and also the engagements that they will enter .After a brief period, a blue electrical field will begin to close in to a particular area marked on the map. If gamers are touched by the blue they’ll take damage that increases as the match goes into later phases. The players will all eventually be forced into the same location, or face succumbing to the gloomy’s damage.

PUBG Equipment

The protective equipment utilized in PUBG is made up of helmet, helmet, and backpack. Every one of the equipment classes have various levels ranging from one to three. Level one gear is the weakest while level three is the strongest.

PUBG Weapons

There is an abundance of weapons to choose from in PUBG, so no matter your play style you should be able to locate a weapon that fits your preferences. Players can find the following weapon categories in sport.

Each weapon in PUBG can be outfitted with a variety of attachments.There are scopes ranging from Red Dots into 8x stoves, although not all weapons are compatible with all scopes. Ensure you’ve got a strong assortment of scopes, so you’re ready for all scenarios you’ll find yourself in.

These attachments lower the vertical and horizontal kick when shooting the rifle. The barrel attachments can also make your shots simpler and more difficult to spot.Collars are attachments found quite frequently in PUBG. They increase the gun’s amount of bullets in each clip, so create the gun faster to reload, or both.


There are three maps to choose from in PUBG with much more in the works.Erangel is PUBG’s unique map with features like mountains, fields, towns, small cities, a river, beaches, along with an ocean surrounding the whole map. It is 8×8 km.

Miramar is the second map released by PUBG. Though considered less popular than Erangel, this desert map is perfect for long-range battles with all the open terrain and mountainous mountains to move through. Similar to Erangel, Miramar is also 8×8 kilometers.

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