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Diamond painting is a form of art in which you put tiny faceted stones onto a coded canvas print in order to create a design that has a 3D appearance. It is comparable to creating a mosaic or paint-by-number in the print is coded to allow you to know where to place specific colored diamonds. You do this with wax and an applicator tool.

The procedure for working on your own diamond painting is very calming. And the result is a gorgeous piece of artwork that you may keep for yourself or give to someone as a present. To help get you started, you will find tons of great Christmas themed diamond art kits out there.


Choosing the perfect Christmas present is a challenging thing to do, however, it doesn’t need to be. A diamond artwork print is a great present for those people on your list. It shows that you put some thought in choosing the ideal print to them, a print they’ll delight in hanging every Christmas season. It also proves that you took the opportunity to make a present rather than simply buying something.

We all know that time is valuable, particularly during the holidays. So, it means that much more when you have taken the opportunity to generate something special. Christmas themed gemstone artwork prints can be found in so many forms you will be sure to find something for all the special people on your gift list.


Snowmen, the classic picture of chilly weather, come in all shapes and sizes. Despite how cold they are, a merry snowman always warms the heart and brings a smile to your face. A snowman print, like this”Winter Snow Cowboy,” is a great present for a rustic, country home. Every child will be delighted by the smiling face of Frosty, the vacation’s most treasured snowman.

Whether you want a snowman in a whimsical setting or with a more natural background, you’ll have the ability to find one that you love. Developing a snowman with diamond artwork gives the snow an extra shimmer due to many facets on the diamonds. This shimmer will help bring Frosty to life in your artwork.


If you are not prepared to commit to a full-sized diamond art printing, look at starting small and developing a holiday greeting card which won’t get thrown away.

Diamond painting greeting cards need only a small portion of the card, like a character or decoration, to be adorned with diamonds. This is a superb place to start for people who don’t necessarily wish to take on the task of a huge print or canvas but that still need to try a little diamond art.

In addition, it is a great way to break from the standard holiday card and surprise the receiver with something new. Rather than being thrown away at the conclusion of the holiday season with the remaining cards, yours will probably get placed in the box with the Christmas decorations and brought out for years to come because of its beautiful shimmer and the thought that went into creating it.


Nobody’s Christmas decorating is complete without a photo of Santa bearing his presents, and what better way to decorate than simply by hanging up a handmade canvas gemstone art piece that will be a beautiful addition to the season’s decorations?

Everybody’s favorite jolly personality is featured in countless diamond painting prints. Whether he is sitting under a tree with his reindeer friends or checking names off his list in the”Santa about the Rooftop” picture, he will be a jolly addition to anybody’s Christmas decorations.

A traditional car enthusiast will delight in the”Santa Claus with Classic Car” printing. It’s possible to find a diamond art canvas featuring Santa with a number of other wallpapers or with his reindeer friends, distributing gifts and sliding down chimneys.


A diamond artwork print will produce the train shimmer in the snow.

The”Countdown to Christmas” print will get you into the holiday spirit as Santa visits the children in the town square. You may discover many other Christmas train designs to create for somebody who loves trains, especially at Christmas time.

Who does not love a cute, furry animal in a vacation hat? Or a cheerful hedgehog sitting beneath the Christmas tree such as the one from the”Hedgehog” print?

There is no limit to the cuddly puppies and cats that it is possible to find in diamond artwork prints. You can also locate cheerful wintery birds perched in a tree or sitting with their snow-dusted tree houses. A Christmas-themed creature print is ideal for the animal lover on your gift list.


With Christmas coming up, providing a thoughtfully chosen, handmade diamond art painting is a great way to show someone you’re thinking about them. You can find Christmas prints portraying all kinds of winter holiday characters, characters, and scenes.

With all the kits out there, you’ll make certain to find something for everybody on your gift list. If you select a large canvas printing, you can also frame it so that it remains in fantastic condition for many holidays to come. A diamond artwork gift is definitely a gift that will last.

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