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Westeders have come to this section is that you are not sure of the leather to use in your Westedjacket, do not be afraid, we are here to help you. The purchase of leather products is not as simple as it seems at first glance, there are so many different skins, finishes, adjustments (fall) and styles that it may seem an impossible task and move very soon from the enthusiasm of a purchase of Sheepskin jacket to a headache.

Do not be scared, prepare something to drink and sit down to read. We will start with the different types of skins, styles, adjustments (falling on the body or adaptation to it) and everything possible for everyone who comes to this page to feel confident when ordering your jacket. If by chance your question is not answered here, please send an email to Wested from your own website or ask in our forum.

Types of leather

The type of skin varies completely from the style and purpose of the jacket or garment. For example, if you want something strong, a sturdy jacket, but you can use it every day for simple tasks like walking the dog, then we would like to recommend cowhide or goatskin – it is so strong that years will go by without a single scratch; but for comfort and pleasant (warmth) we would recommend the lamb skin.

In this section we will discuss the materials we use and their properties:

Horsehide (horse skin): This is one of the strongest leathers, which is commonly used in shoes, furniture and motorcycle protection equipment for this very reason. This type of skin is usually quite stiff, but have leather thicknesses for those who want a tough and durable skin. This skin will last an eternity.

Jackets with this skin: they offer this series leather in the Dr. Who and Bond jackets and as an option in custom order in the Indiana Jones.

Cowhide: This is a hard and durable skin. The skin of the cow is lighter than that of the horse, but it will also last for many years. It may be quite stiff at first, but the more you wear out, the more comfortable it will be. It is perfect for a jacket that you can wear during a fight or to go out drinking with friends. If you want a slightly lighter version of this would be novapelle. They also have a light leather that is called lamb touch.

Jacket of this style: Of course, this skin is perfect for a more real image than the one on the screen of the Indy jacket, since this should have been a jacket that supports a lot of adventures and scrapes in the gravel.

Goatskin: Goatskin is everything that should be a great leather. It is durable and soft, which is between the hard skin and the lamb skin.

Jackets with this skin: they offer standard goatskin in the Indiana Jones range.

Sheepskin (Lambskin): the name of lambskin refers to the one obtained from sheep and lambskin, it is a leather without wool. It is lighter than cowhide and is a softer leather. Warm (pleasant) to the touch, but very resistant. This skin is very popular, as it is very comfortable to wear.

Jackets with this skin: In the whole range of Wested Leather.

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