What You Need to Know About Heart Valve Disease

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Most men and women know the signs of a heart attack, but what about heart valve disease? We requested Renown Health heart doctor Jake Ichino, M.D., to describe more. You may know the symptoms and signs of heart attack, but what about detecting issues with your heart ?

What is heart valve disease?

Heart valve disease occurs when a lot of the heart valves does not open and close correctly, which impacts the circulation of blood throughout the body. If left unmanaged, heart valve disorder can result in other complications like stroke, blood clots or heart failure.

There are a few Kinds of heart valve disease, for example: Valvular insufficiency or regurgitation, where the valve flaps do not close correctly, which can cause blood to leak and go the incorrect path back into your center.

Common Heart Attack Signs:

In the networkingpeople.biz You can collect things to Watch What are some of the symptoms and signs that someone may have issues with their heart valves.Some people with heart valve disease May Not feel any different or experience symptoms for Quite a While, but if you notice any of the following symptoms.

you need to call your care provider:If your care provider listens to your heart and notices an unnatural noise or heart murmur, then they might suggest a trip to a cardiologist who will further check for heart valve disease.Are heart problems issues preventable..

There are several risk factors which can increase the probability of heart valve disease. One of them: elevated blood pressure, higher cholesterol and diabetes. These can all be avoided by living a healthy lifestyle via a heart-healthy diet, getting regular physical activity and avoiding tobacco use.

A history of certain infections or a history of certain kinds of cardiovascular disease or heart attack can also be known as risk factors, in addition to things from our control, like age and heart conditions existing at birth.

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